I've started this personal site to write about what I do and what I read hoping that my writings can inspire you when you improve your data science and software skills and yourself during the process.

My name is Ezz and I'm a data engineer at Affectiva. Cofounded Pi, a scientific student activity which seeks for scientific researchers. Have done Classicle, an NLP web application to classify articles and my recent side project is Reck, a computer vision web application to detect faces. I have also a course at Udemy “Intuitive SQL Case Study” .

Wrote “SQL Case Study article – Helping a Startup CEO Manage His Data” article at KDnuggets. This article was republished by the Industry Partnership Director of experfy. My journey story to data science is a medium article that gets hits until now “From Electronics and Communications Engineering to Data Science”. I was also MATLAB Instructor; I tutored three courses of MATLAB; MATLAB for Basics of Mathematics (to many teams at college), MATLAB for Numerical Computing (to master’s degree students), and MATLAB for Statistics and Data Analysis (to students at college).